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Data protection

The protection of your personal data is regulated by the Law on Personal Data Protection. 

All the authors are accountable for complying with the regulations of privacy protection. 

This web site contains links to other web sites. Please take into account that the House of Jordan cannot be held accountable for privacy violations on these web sites. We urge our users to read the privacy statements on every web site that generates personal data. This privacy statement relates only to the information generated via this web site.

Use of Cookies

Web sites use cookies to provide fully functional services and top-quality content. Cookies are files of information generated by the web site server and saved onto the disk by the web browser as a small text file with specific user information. 

Types of Cookies:

The web sites use the following cookies:

  • Session cookies – placed on the user computer only during the site browsing session to enable a more efficient use of the web site
  • Persistent cookies – these cookies are “remembered” by the user’s internet browser either until they expire or until they are deleted manually. The generated data is anonymous and does not include the user’s personal data. 

Why accept cookies?

Web sites use cookies:

  • to provide a better browsing experience;
  • to allow the site function properly (in cases when this is necessary).

The web site users can regulate the use of cookies through their web browser settings. The House of Jordan is not responsible for any loss of functionality and/or content quality caused by individual management of cookies by the user. 

The House of Jordan is not responsible for web site cookies that are not their ownership. The user information generated by the cookies will connect to other user information for better understanding of the user’s needs and for providing better user experience only if the user consent has been obtained. 

What if the user does not accept the cookies?

If the user does not accept the cookies it is possible that some web site characteristics will not function properly. This will limit the possibilities normally provided by this web site and can influence the design and the user experience. 

How can you manage cookies?​​​​​​​

You can delete cookies from your web browsers and manage general cookie storage settings. Here you can find links to the instructions on how to disable cookies on popular browsers Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Deleting and managing browser settings​​​​​​​

Most browsers allow to either block the cookies or block the cookies of the third parties. If you block all the cookies in your browser, many web sites you visit, including ours, will not function properly.


By using this web site, it is self-understood that the user is acquainted with all the terms of use including the regulations on data processing and possibilities provided by cookies. 

The House of Jordan reserves the right to change the content of this web site and will not be responsible for any consequences thereof. ​​​​​​​